Choosing the Best Northern Michigan Photographer

October 31, 2023


Northern Michigan Wedding Photographer Stephanie Baker


When on the hunt for the best Northern Michigan photographers, there are a few simple tips to help you find a photographer who is a perfect match for you. You’re going to run into under priced AND over priced photographers, so don’t just use someone’s rates as a barometer for talent and competency.

Northern Michigan Photographers Website

The first thing you need to do is really pay attention to their website. Do they have a clear style and aesthetic? Is their editing cohesive and does their site seem to give you an accurate representation of what you will get, or do you leave feeling unsure of what style your session will look like? If the look of their photos seems to be all over the place, you will need either choose someone else, or have a conversation with them about what direction they plan to go for your photographs.

Northern Michigan Wedding Photographer Stephanie Baker Website

View a Complete Body of Work

Always request to view a complete gallery of images from the kind of job you are looking to hire. Look for those same qualities: a clear and defined body of work. Also, make sure that they’re getting all of the important photos that you hope to capture. Any photographer can slap a few hero images up on their website and instagram to make it look like they are talented. But they need to be able to prove to you through a complete body of work that they can deliver a gallery that has continuity in editing style and aesthetic. On my website, I have five individual, curated wedding galleries for you to look over, and am happy to send full galleries so you can see exactly how I shoot and edit.

Get to Know Them

Last, if you are on the hunt for a wedding photographer, have a phone or video conversation with them. Energies are important here and you need to work with someone who you vibe with. If you are on the shy side and your photographer is loud, energetic, and doesn’t make you feel comfortable. You might want to look for someone a bit more subdued. You are going to be spending more time on your wedding day with your photographer than anyone else, so you better be sure you like them!

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